The shots between the shots are my favorite

Final Shot
It happens.
Session is over, I put away my camera equipment and start talking with the family.  We laugh and everyone is relaxed because I am no longer taking photos.  And then, the kids start being insanely adorable.  They feel it.  They know the pressure is off and they can get dirty.  SO… I have the choice to draw the line or grab that one last shot and call it.  If they are the last session I often do it. If not, I close my eyes and save that photo in my mind.
Three Kids Strong
Sibling are an interesting thing to watch.  They feed off of each other, they learn from each other, they love and hate each other.  From a photographer’s perspective, the good the bad, it is always great.  Sometimes they are so eager to “help” with their sibling that all hell breaks loose.  Sometimes they are SO very helpful that I want to hire them as assistants.
In both photos below, that playful and close family dynamic is shown.
Big Sister knows best.  
Lauren was adjusting her little brother’s face to look her way and that simple touch made this photo particularly special.  I can only imagine this relationship with evolve in so many ways through out the years. this moment will remain strong.
Sometimes hilarious things happen when the family backs away and a baby is left to their own devices.  At the Mother’s Day Mini Shoots, this little character gave a kick my way.  I am happy to have caught it, in focus, and to have not had it hit me.  She is a powerful force and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  So fun to photograph her (and her siblings) growing up.
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