The truth about Cloudy Days


My new photography clients often aim for a sunny, bright, blue sky photography day.  They seem disappointed when the day is overcast.  Psychologically, I get it.  Those days draw you outside and make you want to smile.  They feel active and engaging, and very Colorado.   Those sunny days are why so many people live here (myself included!).  But, they are just about the most challenging and background limiting for portrait photography lighting.

In photography speak, on full sun days “the shadows are too black, and the highlights are too bright. {Shooting in Natural Light}  You end up with pictures that lack detail in the shadows and have completely burned out hotspots where there ought to be beautiful highlights.”  REF  On a personal note, the bright sun makes people squint.  Overhead sun enhances flaws by adding more shadows and our eyes are naturally drawn to contrast.  Wrinkles pop, eyes close, fly away hairs show up, folds in your clothes (and therefore heavier body parts) can be easily emphasized.  We can work around it, and I often do… but the BEST case scenario is an overcast, soft light day.  The clouds creates a glow that is hard to replicate with technology, it is a natural soft box.  Examples below.

Whatever weather you get on shoot day, celebrate and feel grateful you hired a pro.  I can make it work to highlight your best features.  Just remember, if you wake up and it is overcast… clouds are our friends.

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