Third time is the Charm

There are not a lot of families I would ask to stand up, lay down, turn backwards, to the side, lift, squat, and laugh for a photo.  Well, that’s not true, I would ask most of you to do this…  But, there are not a lot of families would make it look so natural and fun.  Especially when their backsides are turned my way!  Evan and Katie are clearly those hot and stylin’ parents that make having a baby look like no big deal.  They are in love with their son and each other, each image makes that more obvious.
The Gartner crew has come to my mini shoots three times since Judah was born.  Round one was cold and windy but we still managed some great shots.  Round two was great weather but we did not nail the smile timing for the featured 5/6 month old.  We had a smile goal for this session and we more than achieved it.  Judah took a big nap, ignored his teething and worked his magic with the lens.  Everyone was ready and it all came together beautifully.






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