Two Boys, their family, and the squirrel

On a very sunny and perfectly cool summer day I met with the Eure family in Denver’s City Park.  We had met over a year ago at a very windy Rendition Studios mini photo shoot at the same location.  Since then I have not seen the crew so I was very happy when Jen called to set up a Portrait shoot while the extended family was in town.
This time around we met late enough that the guys could recover from the phish show the night before and early enough that the crew was talking breakfast plans while I photographed away.  Upon arrival the boys started chasing squirrels and working to get their white shirts dirty.  Aidan (the older boy) had many questions, suggestions and visions for where the photo shoot could go.  Gavin was happy to watch his brother and follow whatever lead he set.  These boys are clearly friends as well as family.  When Aidan shot off in between, or during, photos… Gavin was right behind him.  The best shots were always when they were close together being brothers.
Thanks again for letting me be a part of your weekend Eure family!
Happy Labor day!
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