Wedding Dress Choices

Finally, wedding boutiques are starting to sell dresses that look GREAT.It seems the key is straps.  They come in all widths, all styles, and in many materials.  The give a body more break across the top of the shoulders and slim a woman’s body.  Dresses with straps are not just for girls with large busts, they are meant for all of us.  My job is to make you look great no matter, but this design shift helps.  The dresses photograph well, stay ON all day and night, and do great things for framing up a necklace.

I bring this up because I spend so much time deleting and editing images for brides of all sizes who choose to wear a strapless dress.  The dresses almost always drop throughout the night, especially as walk, move your arms, dance and sweat.  And you will do those things.   AND you will start to subconsciously adjust the dress.  Lift.  Tuck,  Tug.  Think carefully when making your choice, it seems like 95% of us are not meant for strapless.  It widens your shoulders and back, shortens the body and typically does not ever fit just right.   No matter the seamstress.  Really.

Maybe you are in the 5% who can rock this dress style out of the park.  If so, go for it and throw care to the wind and I will photograph t it like crazy.  If not, look around… there are choices.  You should look and feel GREAT on your wedding day.


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