What Drives You?

I like to take pictures.  My background as an Architect and Urban planner taught me to appreciate spaces, composition on a grand scale, and look at details.  My love of people helps me see their real emotion when I am behind my lens.  When I stand with camera in hand I look for light and depth.  I want pictures to tell a story and to stand the test of time.  There is room in my life for traditional family portraits, but only a little.

I wrote a post awhile back about why I am a photographer and all of that still holds true but what drives me forward is more than that.  I am driven by my ambition to be better and to give all of you a better product.  I do not want to make you buy prints and I am not driven by the act of sales.  I like the product and I like to create.  Being a photographer gives me that and so much more.  It gives me a feeling of connection.

What drives you?

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