Why getting your photo taken ANY time of year is a smart idea

“Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing.” – unknown

Time passes quickly.  It is never more obvious than when I look at my daughter, or facebook flashes up a memory from a few years past that seems like it was yesterday.  One of the wonderful things about living at this time in history is that you can capture it all, or OVER capture it all.  One of the issues is that YOU are not often in the shots… and if you are, it is not when you are showered and ready.  It is a selfie or a group shot at dinner, or some moment worth capturing on a phone (but not often worth saving or printing).

I invite you to STOP TIME, just for a moment, and sign up for a photoshoot.  Any time of year works and should be celebrated.  Show depth, show context, show growth.  Years from now you don’t want to look back and ONLY see fall family photos.  You want to see winter, spring, summer AND fall.  Warm weather skits, summer hair and cozy coats and winter chill.    Taking photos ALL year will make your images more interesting and help tell the story of your life with more authenticity.

Here is one example of a family of three at a downtown denver, winter mini shoot.  It was a morning session and it was a windy day, as most of the Colorado winter has been!

To book a mini shoot, see the mini shoot specials page and follow the instructions to book directly online.  To book any other session type, see the online booking tab (at top) or email to learn more.

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