Why not hire Uncle Bob?

While “Uncle Bob” can take the same picture but what makes it different than a professional photographer?  If you were to put the same images side by side could you tell a difference.  I think you can.  What makes a person want to invest in a professional to shoot their family events?  It is quality, it is composition, it is an extreme attention to detail and an understanding of light that makes the images rich in three dimensionality.  A professional studies your face and your body to see what works and captures you at your very best.  They understand the backgrounds and what the architecture and landscape will do to enhance the natural beauty in you.  While Uncle Bob might get a few images he is proud of, a professional photographer will have hundreds.  We will not waste your time and will not cut corners.  The images you will be ones you want to hang on your wall and show all of your friends.  The images will be treasured part of your history.

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