Why to do your photo shoot in the mountains


This session came about  when this family decided to put their mni shoot fee towards a Portrait session in the mountains (you can do that to with a week or more notice, information here.)

We met in the town of Vail itself (which is free to park in during the summer) so we had plenty of time to road around and see what we wanted to use as backdrops.  The town had few people there that day and we had so many spots to try out.  Within a small distance we could have interesting architecture, nature, and gorgeous colorful walls.  The weather was warm, things were green and our main issue was the loud rushing water from the creek.  SO, we were living the dream because that was no big thing.  We used this spot for the first half of their session and then moved to east Vail and did a 30 second hike so that we could get some shots with big grasses and a waterfall in the background.  One hour session, two nearby sites and lots of fun images to show for it.  Huge success!

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