Can you see it? {LIving Spaces}

I grew up in Colorado in a charming, small town.  There were no alleys, no graffiti, no urban nothing.  I loved it.

As an adult I earned my degree in Environmental Design, worked as an architectural intern and urban planner… all the while travelling whenever I saved enough money.   I learned to appreciate functional and aesthetic details, the emotive qualities of light, spacial dynamics and the way we operate within our environment.

When I became a photographer, I started with clouds and landscape.  I loved the way thing changed through the day, and throughout the year.  I loved the simplicity of the story, and I appreciated that no two people would take the same photo.  I still love that.

I shoot outside, year round, because it is interesting.  It adds to your photographic story and puts you in context.  I aim to capture people in their living spaces so that decades from now the image will have and hold meaning.  Meaning that is authentic and unique.  As are my clients.

Here is a site I am hoping to use this year.  I think it is SO very cool.  Can you see it?

Email if you want  information when this site is up for a mini shoot.



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