Frisbies and Roof Tops

I could not have been a roofer or a professional snowboarder.  I run when I see bees.  When things fly at my head I duck before trying to catch them.  My legs get a scratchy when I lay in grass, but I still love to do it.  I like to play games but only when the winning loosing part is taken off the table.  I used to compete but now I just like to participate, in whatever arena.  Many people take themselves out of the game when they think they can not be victorious, I simply take the ending moment out and enjoy the ride.  I will always try new things that I am not going to be good at… and I do not see this as a bad thing.On the 4th of July many of these random personality characteristics were in play.  After a nice long weekend in the mountains we came home to watch the fireworks.  At first we thought we would climb the ladder to the roof, set up and enjoy.  I went up first and made it past the first pitch before starting the next accent.  It was there that I felt slipping in my heals and the fear crept in.  There was a gripping texture on the roof tiles and on my tennis shows but this was no help, I could not work through this irrational thought took over my hands and feet.  Sweating and nervous, I stopped and took a deep breath and listened to the fireworks in the distance before deciding to try again.  With a two handed boost I gave the four foot climb another go but quick as my attempt started, the fear won and I came down.  Option two.  I recently inherited a bike with gears and while the shifting mechanism is now an option, I still ride in the gear it was given to me.  We decided to ride to the highest point of our beautiful and unfenced local golf course.  We biked in the dark, across grass and gravel, in between fairways.  Biking with a headlamp as my guide was a completely new adventure.  We set up in the grass, in between sprinklers and on the green of the ninth tee.  There was another family nearby and they talked throughout while we sat and watched the fireworks explode and entertain our 360 degrees perch.  Eventually the threat of sprinklers and the encouragement of mosquitos made us mount our bikes and head home.  It was a perfect night.The 4th of July holiday was spectacular.  No real plans but minor adventures.

2009_0821_mobile photo_086

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