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I am not inspired by people who are “natural” at what they do.  While is must be amazing to be them, that seems to easy.  Instead, I LOVE hearing about a person who has earned what they have with hard work and persistence, determination and pure grit.  Someone that wanted their “IT” so bad that they made “IT” happen.  That inspires me.  That keeps me going.  That is possible for all of us.I am a hard worker.  When I quit working in the architecture industry over 5 years ago (AHH!!!!)  I went right at it and started figuring out my next steps.  Of course I had been thinking about the WHAT NEXT question before I quit, BUT, there is nothing more motivating than forcing the issue.  I had to dive into this new profession and I had to start making money fast.  I had to support myself.  I was not going back to my old career, I was ready to move forward with a passion for the “idea” of the photography industry and a vulnerability that helped endear me to those I worked with.  I asked questions.  I read things that related to posing and camera basics and most of all, I listened.

Though I had a strong background with the adobe suite of programs, I was starting at ground zero.  I just wanted my “IT” to be my everything.  When I quit I was going to be a professional photographer.  Now I am.

I just want to keep going, keep getting better and getting more connected to my clients and to my photography peers.  Occasionally I read other photographers blogs and look at their images.  When I come across a great pic I make sure and “like” it on facebook or send them a message to let them know I was impressed.  I am not afraid of positivity or of encouraging my competition, I think it brings all of us up.


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