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I often see people who pass out marketing material that is contrary to their messages.  Recently I met a woman marketing fitness and wellness and her headshot was anything but that.  In her business a powerful head shot would have made a world of difference.  People want to see a very flattering, fit and radiant head shot if you are going to be trusted with their body.  If you are a leader in making us look good, your photograph should imply that you look good yourself.  Seems smart right?!  In Real Estate, a marketing head shot can be everything when clients choose their agent.  People take your card or receive a mailer and turn it over to look at who you are … they want to trust you, your photograph will tell them many things.  If you did not even pay for a professional shot, the client will wonder what else you are skimping on.  They are supposed to let you manage their savings in the largest investment they ever make and you don’t even drop the cash necessary to get a reputable photo.   That is not good marketing.

I encourage you to pay the money and get this done right with someone who cares.  If your photograph turns out good, that is the best marketing I can do for my own business.  Taking a good photograph for whatever you need means a lot to me and I think you will see that in my work.


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