My Dogs

Lincoln and Joker are brothers from another mother.   Their lives merged when I met Colin and soon after they were together all the time.  Sometimes they play, sometimes they bark at things.  Mostly they hang out and wait for something amazing to happen.  

Joker is over 12 years old and was thought to be a chocolate lab when Colin got him from the Boulder Humane society as a puppy.  He is longer than he is tall and his head and snout are fairly small compared to the rest of his body.  He loves to be petted and seems to delight in wandering off on walks.  In those moments he claims to be hard of hearing.  Joker has dark eyes that penetrate your skin when he wants something, often food.  He follows a self-imposed strict internal feeding schedule and makes sure to let us know when we are off… he grunts, groans, and jingles his collar to get our attention.  

He is not smiling in these pics because he is very interested in what I am holding.  

Lincoln is said to be a German short hair and chocolate lab mix.  My sister brought me to the puppy rescue one day and there he was, I could not leave him there.  I can also not go back to that place for fear I will come home with 10 more.  Lincoln bounces when he is excited and this excitement means he has horrible greeting skills.  I taught him to fetch when he was a puppy and as a result I spend many days with his face staring up at me, ball in his mouth.  Colin would say Lincoln is a cave man, he is fascinated by things he does not understand, and those are a lot of things.

I love my dogs 🙂

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