My Easter Mini Shoot Outtakes

I am so proud of those of you who sign up for mini shoots, baby’s first year sessions and regular portrait shoots.  You document how you and your family change, and capture the milestones in your life in a professional and polished way.  I on the other hand, do that for you… and struggle to do so myself.  I am always emailing photographer friends to come do a session for me.  OR, searching online for someone who offers what I do (which is not easy to find).

Anyway, fast forward… my daughter is now 18, almost 19 months old and it is Easter.  SO, quick photoshoot at home?  Yes!

Not everyone was into my plan.  My husband, AKA the bunny ear assistant, was eager to head out golfing.  My dog is not on board with dress up games.  AND my daughter, the model of choice, woke up super grumpy (which is not like her at all).  But, I persisted.

We gave it 5 minutes.  A few inside and a few out.  These are some of the outtakes.  While they are not exactly what I had in mind, I might say they are better than what I could have hoped for. This is a moment in my life with a toddler, a golfer and a veteran pup.

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