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After earning my bachelors degree in Environmental Design and working for almost a decade in the design business, I became a Professional Photographer.  Of course it was not that simple to be a Pro, it had to mean something.  So, I started with years of self education in the arts.  I slowly bought the equipment I needed.  I made contacts and read books.  I admitted what I did not know and was humbled many times, from this I learned.  I knew the necessary photography programs and I became proficient at using them in ways that suited my needs.  I kept tweaking my hopes and dreams until I could go full time and almost two years ago I did.  I have loved photography and been interested what made it art since high school.  This love coupled with my passion for the profession took me to the next level.I was and I am driven to be better each time I shoot and with year year that passes.  I keep pushing forward.

I study Professional photographers work and fine art to stay inspired.  Pros know so many things that even they can not communicate to  beginner, sometimes they just have “it” and they always have.  That kind of talent can not be taught.  To learn from these artists I study their patterns and read about what makes them tick.  I look at their work as if I am reading a text book.   I am critical and inquisitive.  To mimic it would take away from my own art, our styles are unique and I want to understand what makes that so.

I also look through photos of my family and find special images and ask myself why they have meaning.  There are stacks and stacks of printed images at my parents house and many photographs did not make it to the photo albums.  The ones that did not are typically the ones I like the most.  I do not gravitate towards formal portraits or studio images.  Those photographs do nothing for me emotionally and they often look exactly like someone else’s family portrait.  The backgrounds are the same and the props are typically bought at the same supply store.  It seems sterile, even if you get one “good” shot where heads are turned and everyone is looking at the camera, it seems so forced and unnatural.  In my family of 4 kids and 2 parents, getting us together looking picture perfect did not happen.  That is why the photos taken where we are setting up a pose are the best.  It is pure chaos and it is definitely a true reflection on how my family works.  I love that more than any “cheese” smile.  All of this combined defines my style.  Casual, fun, personal and timeless.  I photograph your family as if it is my own.



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