What to expect from a newborn photography, lifestyle session?

“You can’t imagine your life with kids, until you have them, then you can’t imagine your life without them.”

I want to feature this session to show you the kind of images you can get from a newborn photo shoot captured in a lifestyle manner.  And tell you a little bit about what this shooting style and session type means to me.

This is the second NEWBORN photo shoot I have done with this family.  Same sweet location, new charming baby boy.

Location.  I typically come to your home and shoot almost anywhere there is light.  Even a little bit of light goes along way. I started my photography business as a newborn photographer at Rose Medical Hospital back in 2008.  The conditions were challenging, flat and sterile backgrounds, unflattering lighting, and clients who did not expect to be in photographs being featured right up front.  I learned a lot and as a result, I can make most environments work.

If you want to clean it up and hide away all the little extras that might show in the back of a photo, that is great.  If not, that is also fun. If there is the hospital water bottle in the back of a shot, or your breast pump or diapers or whatever… that is true to this moment.  Those things will not be in all of your shots, but should they make an appearance in the back of an image, embrace it.  Someday it might be an opportunity to tell your child the story of this time with perfect detail.

Family.  The life of a multitasking parent is a never ending game of balance.  I will get some straight forward family photos but I also hope to capture in between shots where you are changing diapers, warming milk, feeding/burping baby, finding baby’s pacifier or whatever it is that fills your days as a young family.  As the shoot moves along, I will also be sure to grab some YOU plus baby images.  It is so nice to have some good shots with your baby when you have showered, done your hair and look nice.

Siblings.  If big sister or brother (or both) are on board, like to do these shots first.  I love capturing the nervous and proud feeling they have when holding their sibling.  Or the indifference.  Or fear.  I have seen it all and each emotion makes sense for your child.  They are working through it, I am happy to capture it.

Pets.  If you think of them how I do, we are going to want photos where they are a part of things… adjusting to the new baby and new life they now have.  I am an animal lover so I am happy to capture them in some family photos AND in a few candids, if they want to participate.

Baby Only.  We will see how baby does.  If we can get them calm and relaxed, which we should be able to do, I can catch some head shots that work great for birth announcements (or just about anything).  I hope to get some baby details, wrinkly back,

Visitors.  If you have family in town and they don’t stress you out, let’s get them in a few shots.  If they can be around to help and then hide away, perfect.

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