Northern California Mini Photo Shoots

This weekend I am heading to San Francisco on Saturday (10/5) for an afternoon of mini photo shoots, then Sunday (10/6) for an afternoon of mini photo shoots in Los Gatos.
While I am based in Denver, Colorado… I am heading to Northern California for a few reasons.  To start, one of my most favorite families moved there earlier this year.  I have watched their children grow up and when the idea of coming to California came up, I had to say yes.  Hard to lose that crew but we are making the transition slowly with this trip.
Two, I was born in Palo Alto and any excuse to get back there feeds my soul.   I lived there until I was three and being the youngest child in my family, my siblings hold those memories close to their hearts.  Seeing the house we started in is special.  Being there to photograph other families in the area makes the area even more meaningful.  I can’t wait.
Lastly, a few of my best friends (and some of my parents best friends) live in the area.  One of my brides maids and her hubby who is also a college buddy, two of my unrelated “aunts” – yahoo!ALL that and the Denver Broncos are on the road this weekend so I should be as well.

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