One Good Thing about Music

Photographers spend a lot of time and money to evoke emotion when you visit their website.  They want to tug at your heartstrings.  They want to appeal to your soul.  Soon enough you are clicking through their site and envisioning your dream wedding, ignore what that might cost, and send them an email to book the event.  

At times I play with same concept.  Having a soundtrack playing while you experience your most thrilling, sad, joyous and mundane moments could only enhance that special feeling… and who does not want that?  The Ipod and all of its followers SOLD BIG as a result of this desire.  We all want to move to music.  We all want to feel as if we are special.  Why not set up a website that does so?  

The issues with copyright are often ignored.  They take the song they want and attach it, hoping no one will call them out.  It is risky and illegal, but common.  Many times you wait for the music to load and then find yourself turning it off to cruise the thumbnails at your own pace.  The song choice is what the photographer wants, not you.

Musical slideshows are often a buffer.  The tunes are taking your mind away when the quality of the photography is often sinking.  The photographer would like you to dream, not analyze their work.  

What I invite you to do is take a moment and set up your favorite tunes, take a few minutes and cruise my website.  Look at each image and think about what you like and what does not appeal to you.  Know why.  Tell me about your experience.  What do you feel?
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