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I have gone back and forth with many things as they relate to professional photography.  I am a pro, I do this for a living… but, it is always going to be a work in progress. 

One of the things I am debating in my head is what to show clients.  I have been told, and seen… that pro photographers are really just GREAT editors.  They show very little and what they do show is awesome.  You never question it, they are great.  You do not see the million crap images, just the impressive ones.  This is true on their facebook pages, on their websites and especially in their printed portfolio.  

I give my clients large galleries with many images to enjoy and choose from.  If the kid makes a series of different, but similar faces, I give them to my clients.  Many times I look at these galleries, years later, and think I should have given the client much less than what I did.  While most photographers only present their favorite image from one location, I typically give clients 60% of the images I have taken.  Each year this number stays about the same as the images get better and I am starting to realize I should be taking, and giving out, much less.

Below is a helpful link I found related to this topic:

Sorting is a skill every photographer should be continually developing.Reviewing your photos and making the decisions about which images should be delivered to the client is critical to your growth as a shooter.

It can be a painful process. It’s hard to look through images and identify what worked well, but more importantly what needs to be improved. But it’s worth the pain, because you improve by studying your own work.A couple tips for getting through it:

  • Sort inclusively. That means choose the images you want to keep, not the ones you want to remove. You’ll have far fewer keepers than deleters, so looking for ones to include takes less time.
  • Go through all the images (full screen) once and make quick decisions based on instinct. Don’t try to save time by stopping to compare photos to one another. Comparing photos at this stage will do nothing but slow you down (until you’ve seen all the photos it’s impossible to make useful comparisons.)
  • Once you’ve pre-sorted images, then go through them a second time with a much more critical eye. Since you’ve seen all the images once, you’ll have a much better idea of what should stay and what should go.



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