The future of the photography industry

I have this discussion over and over again, with friends and clients alike.  Is the photography industry dead with the invention of better and better camera phones?  Can we survive when anyone with an iphone X has the equipment to take a portrait?

I have seen what this and many other camera phones, can do.  It is awesome and I honestly can’t wait to get one.  But, it does not mean the portrait photography profession is on the way out.  When the self timer was invented, people did not stop hiring someone to take their portrait.  When the auto function was added, people still needed help.  On camera and off camera flashes (vs studio lights) did not end things.  Selfie sticks did not end it.  Affordable editing software did not change things either. I still have hope.

If nothing else, take a moment and look at the wealth of terrible (though endearing) photos on social media.  Professionals are still needed.

Having a high end camera is important but being a professional photographer is about more than the camera.  Can you find the light, capture an authentic moment (in a time crunch), compose the image in an interesting way, avoid distractions and offer variety?

Being a professional photographer is a combination of education, experience and personal style.

We all do it differently and that is why there can be so many pros and it still works.  Some shoot with lots of equipment and props, some are bare bones (that’s me).  Some photographers have lots of gimmicks and noise makers, some don’t interact at all.  Some edit for weeks, some are done in hours.

Some photo shoots turn out great and some are less so.  All should be a reflection on whatever presented itself that day.  The day matters, the people in the shots matter, and the photographer matters.  Environmental conditions are out of our control but you and I can still do our best, we are in this together.  We are a team.  Hold out your iphone X and you are doing this alone.  Hire a pro and their job is to get the shot.

The photoshoot feature below is from a recent mini shoot in Arvada Colorado.  This session was done at 2pm, flat light, windy day and twin 5 year olds.  I think it worked out great.  This was the family’s second annual mini shoot.

Interested in booking a mini shoot or small group session?  Email to learn more or hunt around the website to learn about pricing, session tips and examples.



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