The Lighting Dilemma

It is the most complicated part of shooting.  Posing can be a challenge for many but overall we can all do it to some extent.  Being yourself is another obstacle but it can be overcome.  When it comes to lighting there is a large difference from the images that have done well and the ones that have not.  It is what gives a picture “pop” and creates a 3 dimensionality that stands out.  At an indoor wedding it takes a photographers intense awareness of the environment, shooting experience, and patience.

While studio lighting is very predictable, shooting outdoors changes every day.  Natural light has a softness that can be coupled with a reflector for intensity and effectiveness.  If the reflector is to bright the client will squint.  If it is not light enough you will be underexposed, have to adjust your ISO, or change the client’s positioning.  You loose the background or blow out the foreground.  It is tricky and manual setting are essential.  The silver reflectors have a cooler tone, the golden reflectors are often to warm.  Somewhere in the middle of it all is the right one to use!

The spaces that create soft, bouncing and diffused light are called soft boxes.  You can buy them and set them up in studio, or there are flash add ons that attempt to recreate the look.  

There are everyday reflective surfaces that you are aware of and there are those that catch you by surprise.  A brides dress is a large reflector.  Concrete puts out amazing and diffused light.  Jewelry can twinkle and put odd shadows across a persons neck.  Glass is (of course) reflective but it loses some light as it passes through the window, the rest comes back at the passerby.  The surprises can be in your day to day urban environment, look close and you will see it.
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