Tips to getting your older child involved in the photo shoot {newborn photography}


Becoming a big brother (or sister) does not always make sense until the baby arrives.  And then, they are here and it can be a bit scary and overwhelming.  They don’t wait to touch the new baby, they certainly don’t want to kiss the new baby and they might even be throwing a few tantrums at the mere suggestion.  So, you do your best.  What you can’t do is give up on it when it comes to photography.  While these days can seem LONG, they will be forgotten soon enough and you will look back on this time and laugh.  IF, you invite me into come document this transition.  Who knows, they might even surprise you (this little guy certainly surprised us).

Here are a couple things I know.

Giving them time to transition into their new role is important.  If we are scheduled and things are not going well, email me and let me know you need a few more days for your little one to get used to it.

Little kids like attention.  Simple enough.  SO, I arrive and give them just that.  We make this session about the,, not the new baby.  I give them breaks for snacks and playing while I focus on the newbie, but your older child will not notice.

They don’t want to be left out.  Once I am taking pictures of Mom+Newborn baby and Dad plus the newborn baby, they will feel left out and want to be a part of things.  Sometimes it happens slowly, but they can get there.

Incentives are our friend.  If your kid is at an age where bribery works, I am not going to judge.  I might even give you a high five.  If it works, for a few awesome shots, let’s get it going.

Schedule based on your toddler.  Since your new baby is not yet on a schedule, pick your photoshoot time based on when your older child will be at their best (fed, rested, calm as can be).  Lighting be damned, pick a happy time.

Roll with it.  If they do not get into the photoshoot, let it be.  That is OK.  This is meant to be an authentic reflection on this moment in your life, enjoy whatever that means this day.



Collection of the Top Images from this Denver Newborn photo shoot are below.  Interested in a newborn or baby’s first year package?  Click here for info or email to book your photography session today!

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