What to wear to your Fall and Winter Family Photo shoot


Before the fall and winter photo sessions start it is a great to think about what to wear.  Having been a photographer since 2008 and a Coloradoan since 1980, I can tell you with certainty that EVERY year is different.  Weather changes fast and can be hard to gauge, especially when you are a few weeks, or even days out from your photo session.

A few suggestions to consider:

  • Dress in layers.
  • Bring back up clothes for infants and toddlers, and misfits 🙂
  • Be comfortable.
  • Always avoid matching your photo partners exactly, for example: all white shirts and jeans.  It is a dated and flat look.  Instead, mix and match within a color family or theme.  Like warm or earth tones.  One person wears the blue top, one blue skirt or accessory.  Weave in similar colors and textures, whites, browns and greys.
  • IF YOU ARE going to match exactly, make it count.  Like in Christmas PJs or holiday dresses or sweaters.
  • For fall session with colorful leaves, you can go more neutral because the background should be vibrant.  OR, go bright and keep the color tones warm to compliment the season
  • Wear good shoes.
  • If the session is around Halloween, reward your kids with a dress up photo at the end.  If they are good!
  • If you want a pop of color, it is great to put it on the baby.  They can pull almost anything off.
  • Winter sessions can get away with more reds and greens, bold primary colors and blankets.  It is also a great time to bring the cool tones in if you are wanting a more soft look.
  • Be flexible with your outfit plan and adapt to the weather.  Kids look miserable when they are uncomfortable.  I once heard the saying, there are no bad weather days, just bad clothing choices.  SO true!  If you need to wear coats and hats, that is just fine.  Embrace it. It is authentic to the conditions and that is the goal.
  • High five your family for putting up with this 🙂

A great variety of examples can be found on my pinterest page for Fall Photography.



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