Weather predictions… Boo!

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I specialise in outdoor, natural light portrait photography.

Because of this, I research every weather outlet there is, all week long, every hour until the shoot arrives.  I never like to cancel a photoshoot.

I was a nanny for very young children for many years and I realize how much effort goes into getting out the door.  Just that.  Then you add the outfits, naps, meals, the “build up” you have been doing all week… and everything else.  If it is an engagement session, it can be just as hard.  Hair and nails are done, announcements go out next week.  Timing can be everything and cancelling can be disappointing.  For your money, moving a shoot to a lesser (indoor) location does not feel like a great option.  Once the cancellation has been done, rescheduling can really be the challenge.  Between the schedules you, your partner and children manage AND mine, life can get in the way.  Blah blah blah.

That being said, should we need to cancel a portrait session, we can reschedule whenever works best for you.

Should I need to cancel a mini shoot day (unfortunately YOU can not cancel a mini shoot), you will be given a few good options.  (1) You will be given a reschedule date and you can book then.  (2) You can put your booking towards a future mini shoot if there are openings, (3) you can put your fee towards a private portrait session OR, (4) you can have your fee refunded.

While I like to trust that the weather in June is likely to be nicer than the weather in November, that is no longer a generality we can rely on.  Some of my best weather and lighting sessions were in November last year!  So, the only advice I will give oyu is to book when works for you and just hope for the best.  Then, be as flexible as you can so we can do this.  The weather does not change the importance of what you are doing.

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The REALITY of the weather today

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