Where to do your baby’s shoot

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When your child is little (meaning always!) the most important thing for a photographer is that the child is comfortable with their surroundings.  We, as adults, can hide our discomfort.  Children can and will not.  If they are hot or hungry they will tell you, or cry.  If they don’t like the hike to our shoot location, they will not fake it.  None of these things are ideal for a quick and easy shoot but they are much more difficult to deal with if we are on location.  That being said, we can do your shoot anywhere as long as you, the parent, come prepared.  

I like the Keep it Simple modo.  If we meet somewhere, make sure to pack clothing changes and accessories; hats, ties, bags, toys, balls, snacks ~ whatever makes your child feel at home.  If I am coming to your house, have outfit changes ready and explain to your child what is going to be happening.  They should understand the process and their role in the day.  

When choosing a spot to do your shoot, think about what your intention is.  Do you want these images to be keepsakes that reflect the details of your child and the home they began their life in… or are you interested in posing somewhere that shows the greater environment you are surrounded by.  As a photographer I am going to be looking for light and composition.  Anywhere will work for me, make sure and communicate your needs when you book your shoot and I am certain you will be pleased.

See the images below for examples of home and “on location” shoots.

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