Working from home with a toddler

I have been a full time photographer for over 10 years. I have always had an in home office and been able to manage the life that buzzed around my area. For many years it was our two dogs who sat by as my coworkers and welcome distractions. I bounced my computer around our house for awhile and it was just fine. Then when my husband and I married, this part of our home became my home base. We put a platform on top of an extra set of stairs and a personal work zone was born.

In my early years, I nannied 2 kids here and it worked fine. Then I had my own child and the challenges set in. For the first few years it was OK because she was an infant. I went down to part time for awhile and my husband was able to move her around so she did not see me. Then she began walking and talking and sharing opinions. She started at daycare and gained some independence. We put up a baby gate and that worked to keep the kid out, but she just stood on the other side of it reaching for things and yelling at me. As you can see, I do not have a door AND she does not understand sitting is not an invitation to play.

SO, I am moving my office to the basement. It will be darker and out of the mix but it has a door. Privacy! Funny how our priorities change as our families evolve. Wish me luck.

These images were taken over a 3 minute time span, after daycare and before my work day was done. In theory.

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